Using both general and unconventional PR approaches, A.FAYE PR delivers the real and raw stories behind your brand or business, and puts it in front of members of the media + gets your desired audience interested. 


  • Targeted pitching + secured stories
  • Client-t0-media relationship building
  • Influencer outreach + collaborations
  • Cross-promotional campaigns 
  • Booking of speaking + conference gigs


  • All-inclusive VIP press + media events
  • Pop-up event planning and coordination 
  • Full-scale event production + promotion
  • On-location photo shoots
  • Creative digital marketing 

Now onto the fun and creative side of things! Social media presence is just as important as your craft or business' physical location. We're here to make sure your followers are getting the right information, during the right times at their fingertips -- and that your targeted audience grows with time through an increase of organic followers. All social media management remains cohesive with your personalized brand, which we can assist in curating also.

Social Media

  • Social media set-up
  • Monthly social media management
  • Product photography
  • Collaboration + partnerships coordination
  • Social media strategy consultation

Brand communications

  • Branding consultation + identity development
  • Website development or re-work
  • Custom logo creation
  • Custom branding materials + packages
  • Quarterly branding audits (perception vs goals)