AMANDA COWAN, Owner & PR Manager


Amanda is a detailed public relations manager, editor and social media manager. With many years of experience under her belt in professional performance and networking in the entertainment and lifestyle industries, she has had the opportunity to wear many hats and hold a variety of different positions. Her intrinsic love for culture and lifestyle, curiosity for new places and panache for writing and public relations have led her to starting A.FAYE PR.

Amanda resides in Pittsburgh, PA with her bearded man, Scott, and on-the-go toddler, Willow Mae. When not discovering new electronic music, planning her next getaway or organizing fundraisers for her non-profit, Diamond and a Dream, you can find her visiting new restaurants and craft breweries, scoping out hidden coffee shops and enjoying her busy life as a work-from-home stay-at-home hipster mama and #girlboss.


RACHEL REES, Account Manager & Publicist


During the past several years, Rachel has been passionate about learning all there is to know about the marketing world in a hands-on way. She has been able to exercise roles in positions focusing on digital marketing, content creation, public relations, promotions and social media management. Constantly seeking opportunities with a creative outlet, she has thrived within the lifestyle industry.

Currently located in Cleveland, Ohio, Rachel is unwavering when it comes to traveling the world with her other half, Carl. Discovering and exploring new places is a hobby as much as it is a side job as Rachel documents where she goes via YouTube. When not on the go, you'll find her out meeting others at local coffee shops while planning her next move.